AllJoyn Router Service: Should You Remove It?

You discovered a service running in the background of your Windows system, which is named AllJoyn Router Service. You may have two questions about this service: Should I remove this service and how to remove this service? In this post, we’ll dive into the world of this service, and answer your two burning questions.

What is AllJoyn Router Service?

AllJoyn Router Service is part of the AllJoyn framework, an open-source software framework developed by the AllSeen Alliance. Microsoft firstly integrated this service into Windows 10 in order to build a harmonious smart home ecosystem.

The primary purpose of this service is to enable seamless communication between IoT (Internet of Thing) devices. With this service, IoT devices like TV, smart light bulbs and even refrigerators which support AllJoyn Router can communicate with each other directly even if they have different manufacturers, systems or connection ways.

Should You Remove AllJoyn Router Service?

The AllJoyn Router Service is enabled by default in Windows. Generally, this service is simply running in the background and doing nothing. In that case, removing it won’t have any impact on your system. However, there are still some pros of keeping it and some cons of removing it. Before you make a decision to remove it, you may want to know the pros and cons.

Pros of Keeping it

One of the key benefits of keeping AllJoyn Router Service is that it can help smart devices talk to each other seamlessly. If you have smart devices connected , removing the device will cause these devices not to connect properly or other compatibility issues.

The second benefit of keeping AllJoyn Router Service is that it can keep certain applications working properly. You may have some applications that rely on AllJoyn for functionality. If you remove AllJoyn Router Service, these apps will malfunction or lose features. If you’re not sure if you have the applications that rely on AllJoyn, it’s best to leave it enabled.

The last benefit of keeping AllJoyn Router Service is that it can offer some security benefits. As mentioned earlier, smart devices can communicate directly instead of through external servers. This can reduce exposure to data breaches.

Cons of Removing It

The obvious cons of disabling AllJoyn Router Service is that your IoT devices can’t communicate directly any more. They might even lose some of their functionality.

Besides, some applications rely on AllJoyn to work. If you disable it, these apps might stop working or lose some of their specific features.

The last cons is this service has been reported that it can eat huge system sources and cause high CPU usage.

Should you disable AllJoyn Router Service on your system? Before making a decision, it’s recommended you weigh the pros and cons. In my opinion,only if you’re not using IoT devices, can you leave the service enabled. It might cause high CPU usage, but it’s a low-percentage case.

If you decide to disable the device, you can read on to learn how to disable it.

How to Disable AllJoyn Router Service

To disable AllJoyn Router Service , you can follow these steps:

1)Press Windows + R to invoke the Run box.

2) Type services.msc and click the OK button. Then the Services window will open.

3) In the Services window, right-click on AllJoyn Router Service and select Properties.

locate alljoyn router service in the service window

4) In the Properties window, select Disabled from the “Startup type” dropdown menu.

how to disable alljoyn router service

5) Click Apply > OK to save the changes.

6) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Please note that you need to re-enable the service manually if you want to use it in the future.


In this post, we’ve discussed what the AllJoyn Router Service is and whether you should remove it, and show you the steps on how to disable the service. You can decide if you need to disable the service after weighing the pros and cons. Generally, leaving the service enabled won’t do any harm to your system. If it doesn’t cause any issues, just leave it.


Q: What does AllJoyn device system bridge technology allow you to do?

A: AllJoyn device system bridge technology allows you to control your IoT devices easily. It allows the devices to talk to each other directly even though these devices use different communication protocols. For example, it allows you to make the smart light bulb turn dim once the TV is turned on.

Q: What is the AllJoyn protocol in IoT?

A: The AllJoyn protocol is a communication framework designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s an open-source project that provides a standardized way for IoT devices to discover, connect, and communicate with each other, regardless of their underlying technologies. In conclusion, AllJoyn simplifies the complexity of IoT device interaction, making it easier for various smart devices to work together seamlessly.

Q: How does AllJoyn Router Service enhance IoT connectivity?

A: AllJoyn Router Service plays an important role in enhancing IoT connectivity. It acts as a bridge, ensuring that different IoT devices using various communication protocols can communicate effectively. By providing a common language for devices, it enables them to work together seamlessly, making it easier for users to control the IoT devices.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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