Can’t Uninstall Discord? 4 Steps to Uninstall It Completely

When you don’t use Discord any more or want to reinstall Discord, you may want to uninstall Discord. Usually, Discord can be uninstalled from Control Panel/Add or remove programs. But sometimes, Discord can’t be uninstalled in the normal way.

Many users have reported that they can’t uninstall Discord. If you’re also experiencing this issue, you can uninstall Discord by following the below steps.

To completely uninstall Discord, you just need the below 4 steps (the steps work for Windows 10 & 11):

Step 1: End Discord processes from Task Manager

In most cases, the Discord processes running in the background are the reason causing the failure of the uninstallation. So before uninstalling Discord, the first thing you should do is to end Discord processes from Task Manager. To do so:

1) Right-click on the Start menu button and select Task Manager. This will open the Task Manager. 

how to open task manager

2) In Task Manager, under the Processes tab, right-click on Discord and select End task. This will exit Discord completely.

end discord in task manager

Once done, move on to the next step. The second step is to delete the Discord cache data.

Step 2: Delete the Discord cache data

To delete the Discord cache data, you can follow these steps:

1) Right-click on the Start menu button and select Run. This will open the Run box.

open the run box

2) Type “%appdata%” into the Run box and click OK. This will open the Roaming folder.

open the roaming folder

3) In the Roaming folder, find the Discord folder and then delete it.

delete the discord folder from the roaming folder

4) Open the Run box again.

5) Type “%localappdata%” into the Run box and click OK. This will open the Local folder.

open the local folder

6) In the Local folder, find and delete the Discord folder.

delete the discord folder from the local folder

Once done, move on to the third step, delete Discord from the Registry.

Step 3: Delete Discord from the Registry

After you uninstall a program, there’s still some leftover in the Registry Editor. To completely uninstall a program, you’ll need to delete their registry key in the Registry Editor. So, to uninstall Discord completely, you’ll need to delete the Discord key.

Here’s how to delete Discord from the Registry:

1) Open the Run box.

2) Type “regedit” in the Run box and click OK. This will open the Registry Editor.

3) Navigate to the following path:


Tip: You can type and paste the path in the address bar of the Registry Editor, and then press Enter to navigate to the path directly.

discord registry key

4) Right-click on the Discord registry and select Delete.

delete the discord registry key

5) Click Yes to confirm the delete.

Step 4: Uninstall Discord from Control Panel/Add or remove programs

Once you’ve followed the above steps, uninstall Discord again. You can uninstall Discord from the Control Panel/Add or remove programs. This time, you should be able to uninstall Discord successfully.

Final Tip

If you still can’t uninstall Discord, you can use an uninstaller software to help, for example, the IObit Uninstaller, DDU Uninstaller, etc. These uninstaller software will force a program to uninstall and clean everything about the program. With an uninstaller software, you can expect a successful uninstallation of Discord.

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