Driver Easy Pro Review – Is it Worth it?

Driver Easy has the Free version and the Pro version. After trying the Driver Easy Free, you may consider upgrading to Driver Easy Pro. Before upgrading, you may want to learn more about the Pro version, so you can determine if you should upgrade.

In this review post, you’ll learn Pros and Cons of the Driver Easy Pro version and the advantages compared with the Free version. Besides, at the end of the post, you’ll know how to get a 20% off discount code for Driver Easy Pro.

Pros of Driver Easy Pro:

Full Features

Driver Easy Free has limited features. If you upgrade to Driver Easy Pro, you’ll get full features of the software. Following are the key features that Pro version provides:

Driver Backup

Updating drivers can sometimes cause problems, even though the drivers are provided by device manufactures. Before updating drivers, it’s very important to have your drivers backed up. If a problem occurs after updating a driver, you can restore the driver to the previous version.

The Driver Backup feature of Driver Easy Pro allows you to back up drivers easily. Select the driver you wish to back up then click the Back up button, then the driver will be backed up automatically.

Driver Restore

The Driver Restore feature of Driver Easy Pro allows you to restore drivers easily. Click the Browse… button to select the driver file then the driver will be restored automatically.

Create a system restore point automatically

If a serious system issue occurs after you update drivers, you may want to restore your system, so a system restore point is necessary before updating drivers. Driver Easy Pro has a feature that helps you automatically create a restore point before updating drivers.

Driver Easy Free provides you with a guide that walks you through how to create a system restore point. But it takes time and requires computer skills. With Driver Easy Pro, you don’t need to do anything but to update drivers. After you start updating drivers, the system restore point will be created automatically. This saves you much time.

One-click Update

The One-click Update feature of Driver Easy Pro allows you to download and update all drivers with just one click. Click the Update All button then all drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically. You just need to leave the computer turned on.

This feature saves you a lot of time on updating all drivers. Besides, you can keep all drivers on your computer up-to-date easily.

Fast Download Speed

Driver Easy Free allows you to download drivers easily. Click the Update button then the driver will be downloaded automatically. But the download speed of the Free version is limited and pretty slow. It can take you forever to download a driver. With Driver Easy Pro, as Driver Easy claims on their software, you’ll get 10X faster download speed. But is that true?

I’ve compared the download speed between the Free version and the Pro version. It proves that Driver Easy Pro can give you 10X faster download speed.

Let’s see some examples:

With the Free version, it takes me 17 minutes to download a 54.6 MB Realtek audio driver.

With the Pro version, it only takes me 49 seconds to download and update the same driver. With the Pro version, once the driver download completes, the driver will be installed instantly.

With the one-click update feature in Driver Easy Pro, it only takes me 14 minutes to download and update all drivers (13 drivers). This almost equals the time that I cost on downloading one single driver with the Free version.

Money Back Policy

Driver Easy Pro offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product or their service. If you want a full refund, just contact their customer support. They will process the refund as soon as they receive your request.

Customer Support

Driver Easy Pro users can get full support from the Driver Easy support team. No matter what issues you have while using the software, you can contact the Driver Easy Support team. They will help you solve the issues.

Besides, Driver Easy Pro users get a higher priority than the Free users. It means Pro users can get a solution to their issues more quickly.

Cons of Driver Easy Pro:


Driver Easy works better than many other driver updaters, but the price can’t win. The price is a little higher compared with many competitors like Driver Booster, Driver Talent, etc. The lowest price it provides is $29.95/Year (1 PC or 3 PCs).

Customer Support

Driver Easy only provides email support even if you’re a Pro user. This is not the best effective way to have your issue resolved.

Besides, the Driver Easy support team work from Monday to Friday. It means you won’t get a fast reply if you send them emails on Saturday or Sunday.

After reading the above review, if you choose to upgrade to Driver Easy, you’ll need to buy a Driver Easy Pro license key to upgrade it. Then you may want to read on to see how to get a 20% off discount code.


What does Driver Easy Pro do?

Driver Easy Pro allows you to access the full features, Driver Backup, Driver Restore, Driver Uninstall, etc. The one-click driver update feature allows you to update all drivers with just one click.

Is Driver Easy Pro free?

Driver Easy Pro is not free. It requires at least $29.95 one year. But you can ask for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the Pro version.

Is Driver Easy Pro worth it?

Though Driver Easy doesn’t offer the best price, it’s still worth it. The Pro version will save you much time on updating drivers with the one-click update feature. Besides, you’ll have 1-year full support. The support will also save you money and time so you don’t have to search for solutions for the computer problems.

Is Driver Easy Pro safe?

It’s safe. The provided drivers are from manufacturers and verified by Microsoft. Besides, the Driver Easy technical team will test the drivers before uploading to their database.

How to get a 20% off discount code

Driver Easy provides a 20% off discount code on their official website. Go to this Driver Easy page then you’ll see the discount code on the page. Once you get the code, you can use it on the checkout page, then you’ll get a 20% off discount for your purchase.


Driver Easy only provides the 20% off discount code. You may see some other coupon sites offer discount codes with higher discounts, for example, 60% off discount. That’s not true. If you make a double check, you’ll find it’s always the 20% off discount code.

Hopefully you find this review post helpful. If you have any questions about Driver Easy Pro, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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