Fix WLDCore.dll Missing Error. Quickly & Easily!

Whenever you start a program, you run into the wldcore.dll missing error. That can be frustrating. Don’t worry. In this post, you’ll learn how to fix the wldcore.dll missing error on Windows. Read on to learn the possible solutions and detailed steps.

What is wldcore.dll?

The wldcore.dll file is associated with Windows Live Client, which include applications like Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Movie Maker, etc. To run Windows Live apps, your computer needs to have wldcore.dll installed.

The wldcore.dll missing error usually occurs to a specific Windows Live app. If wldcore.dll is missing in the Windows Live app’s directory, the wldcore.dll missing error can occur. The error message can display as follows:

  • Cannot start Windows Live Client. A required component is missing: wldcore.dll. Please install Windows Live Client again.
  • This application failed to start because wldcore.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
  • The program can’t start because wldcore.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  • Error loading wldcore.dll. The specified module could not be found.
  • The code execution cannot proceed because wldcore.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

To fix the error, you can follow the methods below.

Try these methods

Method 1: Copy and paste the missing DLL files
Method 2: Reinstall the wldcore.dll file
Method 3: Reinstall the problem app

Method 1: Copy and paste the missing DLL files

The wldcore.dll file is shared by all Windows Live apps. To fix the error, you can try to copy and paste the wldcore.dll file from the Shared folder to the problem app’s directory. To do so:

1) Close the Windows Live program that is having the wldcore.dll missing problem.

2) Open File Explorer.

3) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Shared.

The above directory is available in Windows 64-bit. If you’re running a 32-bit system, navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared. How to See What Version of Windows You Have?

4) Right-click on the “wldcore.dll” file and select Copy.

5) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live.

6) Open the folder of the problem Windows Live app. For example, if you encounter the wldcore.dll error with Windows Live Mail, open the folder Mail.

7) Paste the copied wldcore.dll file to the app’s folder.

After you follow the above steps, restart the app and check to see if the wldcore.dll missing error still persists.

If Method 1 doesn’t resolve the problem, you can try Method 2.

Method 2: Reinstall the wldcore.dll file

Since the error is caused by missing wldcore.dll, to fix the error, you can try reinstalling wldcore.dll. To do so, you can use Client.

With Client, you can download the wldcore.dll file with just one click, then install it easily on your computer. You don’t need to verify your Windows version. More importantly, you don’t need to worry about downloading a wrong file.

Here’s how to use Client to install the file:

1) Download and install Client on your computer.

2) Launch the program and type “wldcore.dll” into the search box and then click on the Search for DLL file button.

3) Click the wldcore.dll link.

4) Click the Install button. You’ll be prompted to buy a license key and register the program to install the file. will install the file to the correct folder.

After installing the file, check to see if you’re still facing the wldcore.dll missing error.

If Method 2 doesn’t work for you, you can try Method 3.

Method 3: Reinstall the problem app

To fix the error, you can try to uninstall the app that’s related with this error and then reinstall it.

Windows Live Client is a discontinued suite of Microsoft freeware applications. It means the Windows Live apps are no longer supported by Microsoft and no longer available to download. If you still have the installer on your PC, you can reinstall the app. If not, you may not have much luck finding a copy to download. In that case, you may need to find a replacement for the app.

Hopefully you find the article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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