Fix: This DCH Driver Package is Not Compatible

You can’t install the NVIDIA display driver and get an error message saying “This DCH driver package is not compatible with the currently installed version of Windows. The system is configured to require a Standard driver package…”. That can be frustrating. Don’t worry. To fix the error, try the methods below.

Method 1: Update Windows 10
Method 2: Download the correct type of NVIDIA driver
Method 3: Reset Windows 10

Method 1: Update Windows 10

NVIDIA DCH display drivers are supported on Windows 10 64bit April 2018 Update (Version 1803 OS Build 17134) and later versions. So check if your Windows 10 meets the requirement and update it to the latest version if you need.

You can visit the post How to See What Windows Version I Have to check what Windows 10 version you have. If your Windows 10 version doesn’t support NVIDIA DCH display drivers, you can update Windows 10 to the latest version. Here’s how to to it:

1) Press Win+I keys to open the Windows Settings window.

2) Click on Update & Security.

3) Click on Windows Update and then click on Check for updates. During the update process, you might be asked to restart your computer. Then just restart your computer.

4) Once the update is done, restart your computer and check to see if the error still occurs.
If you can’t update Windows 10 by using the Windows built-in “Check for updates” feature, you can go to the Microsoft page and click on Update now to update to the latest version of Windows 10.
If Method 1 doesn’t work for you, continue to try Method 2.

Method 2: Download the correct type of NVIDIA driver

As the error message says, you’re required to install the NVIDIA Standard display driver but not the DCH display driver. You can download the Standard display driver from the official website of NVIDIA.

Follow these steps:

1) Go to the Advanced Search Driver page of NVIDIA.

2) Select from the drop-down menus according to what Windows 10 you have and what graphics card you have (learn how to verify what graphics card you have). To download the Standard display driver, select Standard from Windows Driver Type.

download nvidia standard type driver from nvidia official site

3) Click the SEARCH button, and click on Geforce Game Ready Driver or NVIDIA Studio Driver.

4) Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the driver to your computer.

5) Once download is done, double-click on the downloaded file (.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver on your computer.

If you want, you can check the driver type of your current driver via NVIDIA Control Panel. Open NVIDIA Control Panel, click on System Information at the bottom left corner, then you can check the Driver Type in the Details section. In the example of the following screenshot, the Driver Type is DCH.

how to check the driver type from nvidia control panel

After updating the driver, check to see if you can install the NVIDIA driver without the error.

Method 3: Reset Windows 10

If none of the above methods works, the last resort to fix the error is to reset Windows 10.

Important: Once you decide to reset Windows 10, you can choose to keep your personal files or erase them. However, all apps, settings and other stuff will be wiped off.

You can follow these steps to do a reset on Windows 10:

1) Open the Windows Settings window again.

2) Select Update & Security.

3) In the left pane, select Recovery. In the right pane, under Reset this PC, click on Get started.

4) You can select either Keep my files or Remove everything.

If you select Keep my files, your apps and settings will be removed except to your personal files. If you select Remove everything, everything will be removed including your apps, settings, personal files and photos.

5) Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Windows.

6) Once done, you’ll be prompted to restart Windows for the changes to take effect. After that, check to see if you can install the NVIDIA driver successfully.

Hopefully you find the article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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