Wondershare UniConverter Full Review (Pros & Cons)

Wondershare UniConverter is a video tool allowing you to convert, download, compress, edit videos, audios and images, and burn DVDs. Before using Wondershare UniConverter, you may want to learn more about it then you can determine if it’s worth your money. Then you’ve come to the right place. In this review post, you’ll learn everything about Wondershare UniConverter.

Wondershare UniConverter FAQs

Is Wondershare UniConverter legit?

Wondershare UniConverter is legit. The software was founded by Wondershare Technology Group. in 2003, one of the world’s leading software development and publishing companies, with more than 30 million active users per year.

Is Wondershare UniConverter safe to use?

Both Windows and Mac versions of Wondershare Unicoverter are safe to download and install. But ensure you download it from the official website. When you install the software, it will pass scans from Microsoft Security Essentials and other anti-malware or antivirus software, such as Malwarebytes AntiMalware.

Besides, there are no pop up ads when installing or using the software. Bundle ads or apps are annoying. This is one of the things that I like about Wondershare UniConverter.

Wondershare Uniconverter is also safe to purchase. During the purchase process, your credit card and identity information are secured by SecureTrust, a globally trusted brand for internet security and compliance.

Is Wondershare UniConverter really free?

Wondershare UniConverter is not free. It only gives users a free trial. The Trial version has limitations in almost all features. It won’t even allow you to finish a task completely. For example, if you use the Free trial version to convert a video, you only can convert 30% of the video. The Merger and the DVD burner can’t even be accessed in the Free trial version.

As Wondershare official claims, the purpose of the Free trial version is to allow their customers to preview the data and fully evaluate the product before purchase.

How much does Wondershare UniConverter cost?

The cost of Wonderhsare UniConverter depends on your needs. They offer prices for Individuals, Team & Business, Education and Bundles.

For Individuals, they offer four purchase plans.

Quarterly Plan: $29.99 for a quarter license for one PC

Annually Plan: $39.99 for a one-year license for one PC

Perpetual Plan: $55.99 for a lift time license for one PC

How do I request a refund?

Wondershare UniConverter provides a 30-day money back guarantee. To request a refund, you can submit a refund form through their website (visit this link), or just contact their customer service representative at customer_customer@wondershare.com to ask for a full refund.

Can I trust Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is not a scam. It was founded by a trustworthy company. But since it was upgraded to version 13, many users have reported that it’s a scam.

They reported they bought a perpetual license from Wondershare. It worked fine until the software was upgraded to version 13 (the current version). They were asked to pay for the upgrade or they couldn’t use version 13.

You can see many reviews about this “scam” on TrustPilot, like this one:

The reason given by Wondershare officials is that Wondershare UniConverter 13 is a brand-new product that is different from Wondershare UniConverter. Perpetual license users of Wondershare UniConverter need to pay for the upgrade.

In this case, Wondershare gave satisfactory solutions to their customers. Some users said they were allowed to upgrade to Wondershare UniConverter without paying.

So can you trust Wondershare UniConverter? You still can trust Wondershare UniConverter. The company values their users very much. You can contact them if you have any questions or doubts about their product. They will give you a reply whatever your question is.

A Full Review of Wondershare UniConverter


Convert Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to convert your videos to any formats you like. The software supports more than 1,000 formats. You can convert your video from large size to smaller size.

Download Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to download videos from many sites, like YouTube. You can download and save your video to any desired format.

Compress Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to compress videos. The software supports more than 1,000 video and audio formats and can compress up to 8k videos with a single click.

Edit Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to edit your videos, for example, trim and crop video, add subtitles, watermarks, effects, etc. You can also adjust audio and change video speed.

Record Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to record videos. You can record full-screen activities, custom screens and a particular application. You can also record webcam and audio.

Merge Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to merge multiple videos into one.

Burn Video

You can use Wondershare UniConverter to burn videos to DVDs, convert DVDs to any format, copy DVDs and burn audio files to CDs.


User Friendly Interface

The software has an easy to use interface. You can use it to complete your task easily even if you’re not technology savvy. You can convert, download and compress videos with just a few clicks.

Good video/audio/image quality

The software guarantees good video/audio/image quality. For example, it can convert video from huge .mov format to compressed formats like mp4 without losing quality.

30X Faster Speed

The software has great video converting speed and downloading speed. The video conversion speed is 30 times faster than other video conversion tools. With the download accelerator, the download speed is also 30X faster than others.

Support nearly 1000 formats

Wondershare UniConverter is built to support nearly 1000 formats to which it can convert a video.

Great customer service

The support team is great. They will reply to you whatever your question is. They always try to help you fix the problems you have. Once you run into trouble, contact them and wait for 24-48 hours. They will send you an email back.

Frequently updates in the software

The software is updated frequently to fix bugs and improve performance. You’ll get a notification when an update is available.


Free version is not available

As mentioned above, the Free version is not available. If you want to convert a video completely, you’ll need to upgrade the software.

Price is a little high

Compared to other conversion tools, the price of Wondershare UniConverter is a little high. But at the same time, it has more features.

Auto renew

The software will be renewed automatically if the license expires (except the lifetime license). You need to cancel the auto renew manually.

Complicated refund process

The refund process is a little complicated. You can submit a ticket and wait for their reply within 1-2 working days, or just contact them via email.

In general, you won’t get your refund immediately. The customer service representative will try to help fix your problems so you can cancel the refund request. They will ask you to provide specific details for further troubleshooting. But if you insist, you still can get your refund without further troubleshooting.

Final Verdict

Wondershare UniConverter is easy to use. It’s powerful with multiple features like converting videos, downloading videos, compressing videos, etc. But it’s not free. It’s a little expensive compared with other competitors. If you need to work with videos everyday, Wondershare UniConverter is your go-to option. If you just want to convert or edit a few videos, you may want to find a tool that provides a lower price.

Hopefully you find this post helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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