About Camilla

Hey, this is Camilla. I’m glad that you’re visiting my website Mos Tech Tips. Hopefully you can find the solutions to your problems here (Windows problems, game problems, etc.).

Starting from 2014, I’ve been working as a technical writer for about 8 years. From 2014 to 2019, I was working at a software company. At the first year of working at the software company, I worked as a technical support. In 2015, I became a technical writer. I loved my job at that time.  I’ve never thought that I would leave the company so soon until I had my son in January 2020.

I wanted to spend more time with my son, so I created Mos Tech Tips in March 2020. Though I don’t work in a company, I still want to write articles and help people with their technical problems via articles. At the same time, I can keep myself learning new stuff.

I’m happy being a technical writer

When I was a technical support a few years ago, I usually received thanks emails from customers. I was happy to receive customers’ thanks emails, especially when they said they didn’t have to waste much time on searching solutions thanks to me. I loved being technical support as I could help customers with their problems. I loved to hear customer’s problem was solved.

Being a technical writer allows me to help more people around the world. I can provide solutions via articles. Though I don’t receive emails from readers, I can see the comment left by readers. Some of the readers would let me know if my article was helpful. I’m happy if someone solves their problems by following the methods in my article.

The goal of Mos Tech Tip

Mos Tech Tips provides solutions and tips for Windows problems, software issues and game issues. The goal of the site is to make solutions easier with the step-by-step guide. One solution won’t work for everyone. But it’s still worth time even if one person finds my site helpful. Searching solutions online could waste time. I hope my site could help you save time on fixing the problems you’ve encountered.

All the best,