How to Fix Dell Left Click Not Working Issues

The mouse left click stops working on your Dell laptop or desktop? Don’t worry. You can fix the problem by following the steps below. The problem can be a hardware failure or a Windows problem. So firstly, we need to troubleshoot whether it’s a hardware failure or a Windows problem: Try your mouse on another … Read more

Fix Razer Mouse Double Clicking. Easily!

how to fix razer mouse double clicking

Razer mouse double clicking means you get two clicks when just clicking one time. If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t worry. You can fix the issue with one of the below methods. There are five methods below for you to fix the Razer mouse double clicking issue. You can try them one by one until … Read more

Fix Logitech Mouse Double Clicking Issues. Easily!

how to fix logitech mouse double clicking

When you click your mouse one time, you get a double click instead. This is a common issue occurring to Logitech mice, especially for gaming mice. Don’t worry. There are possible solutions to fix this issue. To fix your Logitech mouse double clicking issue, you can try the methods in this post. Method 1: Try … Read more

How to Fix No Sound with New Monitor [5 Easy Methods]

After connecting your new monitor to your computer, you can’t hear sound from the monitor. Don’t worry. You can fix the problem with one of the methods below. Try these methods Method 1: Check if your new monitor has built-in speakersMethod 2: Make sure the monitor is not disabledMethod 3: Check your default audio output … Read more

How to Fix Generic Non-PnP Monitor Driver Issues. Easily!

how to fix generic non-pnp monitor driver issues

Generic Non-PnP Monitor shows in Device Manager? It means the monitor driver is not installed correctly. To fix Generic Non-PnP Monitor driver issues on Windows 10 & 11, you need to update the monitor driver. Try these methods Method 1: Unplug and replug your monitorMethod 2: Update your monitor driver via Device ManagerMethod 3: Update … Read more

[Solved] USB Microphone Not Working on Windows 10, 11

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Easily Fix Dual Monitor Flickering Issues

When you connect an external monitor to your desktop or laptop, the monitor keeps flickering. There are several possible causes to this problem. To fix the problem, you can try the possible solutions in this post. Try the following methods one by one until you find the one that fixes the dual monitor flickering problem. … Read more

LG Monitor No Sound? Here’s How to Fix It!

If your LG monitor has no sound and you’re looking for the solutions to the issue, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll learn how to fix LG monitor no sound issues step by step. There are five possible solutions to fix LG monitor sound not working issues: Method 1: Make … Read more

How to Fix AOC Monitor No Signal Issues

how to fix aoc monitor no signal

You turn on the computer but your AOC monitor displays the “No Signal” message. What could be the cause? It could be due to a broken display cable, a broken monitor, incorrect Input Source, etc. Follow the instructions below to do some troubleshooting and find the possible solutions. There are six possible solutions below. Try … Read more