How to Fix AOC Monitor No Signal Issues

how to fix aoc monitor no signal

You turn on the computer but your AOC monitor displays the “No Signal” message. What could be the cause? It could be due to a broken display cable, a broken monitor, incorrect Input Source, etc. Follow the instructions below to do some troubleshooting and find the possible solutions. There are six possible solutions below. Try … Read more

Your Acer Monitor Has No Signal? Try These Fixes!

Your Acer monitor displays nothing but the “No Signal” message, which means your monitor doesn’t receive a signal from the video card. What’s causing this issue? The reason could be a broken HDMI cable, a broken monitor, etc. Read on to learn the reasons and the possible solutions. Following are the five possible solutions to … Read more

Easily Fix HDMI Monitor Not Detected Error

You connect your second monitor to your PC with an HDMI cable, but the monitor is not detected. What’s the cause and how to fix this issue? Not to worry. This is a common issue occurring to HDMI monitors. In this post, you’ll learn how to fix it easily. Read on to find the possible … Read more

Touchpad is Not Showing Up in Device Manager [Solved]

how to fix touchpad driver missing in device manager issues

Your touchpad stops working and the touchpad driver is even not showing in Device Manager. That can be frustrating, but don’t worry. This problem can be solved easily. Read on to learn the possible solutions below. How do you fix touchpad not showing up in Device Manager? You can try these methods: Method 1: Run … Read more

How to Fix Roblox Screen Flickering Issues

Screen is flickering when you’re playing Roblox? That can be frustrating. But not to worry. You can fix the problem with one of the methods below. Try these methods one by one until you find the one that works for you. Method 1: Use a higher screen refresh rateMethod 2: Update the graphics card driverMethod … Read more

Minecraft Crashed with Exit Code 1 Error [Solved]

minecraft exit code 1 error

Whenever you start up Minecraft, the game crashes with the error message “Process crashed with exit code 1”. That can be frustrating. But not to worry. You can use one of the methods below to fix the Minecraft exit code 1 error. Try below methods in order. Move on to the next method if one … Read more