How to Fix HP Laptop Battery Not Charging Fully Issue

If your HP laptop battery cannot charge to 100%, not to worry. You can fix it easily with the methods below. Method 1: Perform a hard resetMethod 2: Reinstall the battery driverMethod 3: Update the battery driverMethod 4: Run the Battery Check diagnostic toolMethod 5: Update BIOS Method 1: Perform a hard reset To fix … Read more

How to Fix Asus “No battery is detected” Issue

asus no battery is detected

You see an ‘X’ on the battery icon. When you hover your mouse on it, you see a message saying “No battery is detected”. There are several reasons for this battery issue. To fix it, you can try the methods below. I’ve included five methods below to fix the issue. You can try them from … Read more

Easily Fix USB to HDMI Adapter Not Working Issue

usb to hdmi adapter

You connect your computer to an external display with an USB to HDMI. Suddenly, you find the adapter stopped working, and you can’t use the external display. How to fix this issue? Read on to find the solutions. Try these methods Method 1: Perform a hardware troubleshootingMethod 2: Update the USB driversMethod 3: Roll back … Read more

Why are my headphones crackling? How to Fix it.

headphones crackling

Whenever you play audio like listening to music and watching videos, you get a crackling sound from your headphones. What’s causing this issue, and how to stop it from crackling? Read on to find the solutions below. I’ve included five methods below to fix the problem. You can try them one by one until you … Read more

0XA00F4289 Active Camera Unplugged [Solved]

0xa00f4289 active camera unplugged

When you are trying to use the camera on Windows, you get an error message saying: 0XA00F4289 Active Unplug Error. That can be frustrating. Then what to do to fix the error? Four methods are available below for you to fix the error. You may not have to try them all; just work your way … Read more