Chrome Slow Loading Pages? Here’s How to Fix It.

google chrome slow loading pages

Why is Google Chrome running so slow to load the pages on Windows? There are multiple reasons for the problem. Not to worry. You can fix the problem easily with one of the methods below. Try these methods Method 1: Update Chrome to the latest versionMethod 2: Close unused tabsMethod 3: Disable hardware acceleration in … Read more

Reducing Overwatch Input Lag. Easily & Quickly!

When we’re talking input lag, it means the time between the moment the input was made (by mouse/keyboard, etc.), and what is seen on the monitor screen. For Overwatch, a good input lag should be under 10ms. If the input lag is above 10ms, it can cause you a poor gaming experience. If you’re experiencing … Read more

Easily Fix Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen Issue

valorant screen

When you tried to play Valorant, you found it was stuck on the loading screen (like forever). That’s frustrating, but not to worry. You can try the following solutions which possibly can solve the problem. There are five solutions you can try. You do not have to try them all; just try them one by … Read more

How to Get More FPS in Minecraft

If you want to boost FPS in Minecraft and have better gaming experience, you’ve come to the right place. Following are the available methods that can help to increase FPS in Minecraft. Try these methods from the top of the list, then you’ll have more FPS in Minecraft. Method 1: Use OptiFineMethod 2: Change the … Read more

[Solved] Screen Tearing in WOW

world of warcraft

The screen is tearing when you’re playing World of Warcraft. That causes bad game experience. But not to worry. Screen tearing is one of the common issues occurring to WOW. You can fix it easily with one of the methods below. What causes screen tearing in WOW? Before trying the methods, you may want to … Read more

Easily Fix WOW Screen Flickering Issues

world of warcraft screen flickering

Some World of Warcraft players have reported the screen flickering issue. If you’re also experiencing this issue and looking for a solution, you’ve come to the right place. You can easily fix the issue with the methods below. There are four methods available below to fix the screen flickering issue. You can try them one … Read more