AllJoyn Router Service: Should You Keep It or Remove It?

what is alljoyn router service

You discovered a service running in the background of your Windows system, which is named AllJoyn Router Service. You may have two questions about this service: Should I remove this service and how to remove this service? In this post, we’ll dive into the world of this service, and answer your two burning questions. What … Read more

How to Check If Firewall is Blocking a Program

how to check if firewall is blocking a program

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Computer Freezes When Playing Games? Here’s How to Fix It.

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[Solved] Computer Fan is Loud on Startup

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Computer Keeps Freezing Every Few Seconds? Try these fixes.

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ASUS Laptop Keeps Restarting? Try these methods.

ASUS laptop automatic restart issues can be due to software issues, virus infections or hardware issues. If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t worry. You can fix it by trying the methods below. To fix the issue, you can try these seven methods: Method 1: Remove external devices (if you have any)Method 2: Run a virus … Read more

How to Fix: Computer Slow after Windows Update

It’s necessary to keep your system updated by installing Windows Update. But Windows Update sometimes can cause system issues. Computer slowness is one of the common errors caused by Windows Update. To fix the error, you can try the methods below. Try these methods Method 1: Run the System File Checker toolMethod 2: Clean Windows … Read more

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio Device Code 10 Error

In this post, you’ll learn the possible solutions to fix your bluetooth audio device code 10 error in Device Manager. Try the methods one by one and see if you can find the one that works for you. Method 1: Reinstall the drivers for the deviceMethod 2: Update the drivers for the deviceMethod 3: Try … Read more