Fixed: Realtek Audio Driver Install Loop

Is your Realtek audio driver continuously installing and uninstalling? Don’t worry. The issue can be easily resolved. Just follow the steps in this post.

First, uninstall the audio driver from Device Manager manually.

When you run the Realtek audio installer, it’s essential to uninstall the existing audio driver first to ensure a successful installation of the new driver. Failure to uninstall the existing driver properly can lead to the Realtek audio driver install/uninstall loop issue.

To fix the issue, you can try uninstalling the audio driver manually. Here’s how:

1) Press Win+R keys to open the Run box.

2) Type “devmgmt.msc” into the Run box and click OK. Then the Device Manager window will pop up.

how to open device manager

3) At the Device Manager window, double-click on “Sound, video and game controllers” to expand the category.

4) Right-click on the audio driver and select Uninstall device.

uninstall realtek audio driver

5) Tick the box next to Delete the driver software for this device and click Uninstall.

Second, install the Realtek audio driver.

After you’re done with uninstalling the driver, run the Realtek audio installer to install the driver again. If you’re prompted to reboot your computer, reboot it.

Some users have reported that Realtek Audio Console is missing after they install the Realtek audio driver. If you’re in this case, you can get Realtek Audio Console back by following the steps in this post: Realtek Audio Console Download and Install.

7) Check to see if the issue still occurs.

Tip: If the issue still occurs, you can try using Driver Easy to help install the Realtek audio driver. Driver Easy can detect any problem drivers and update the drivers successfully. With Driver Easy, you can expect the Realtek audio driver install loop issue can be fixed. Download Driver Easy from the vendor’s website.

Hopefully you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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