[Solved] Bluetooth Headphones Not Showing Up As Audio Device

Your Bluetooth headphones can be paired and connected to your computer, but they don’t show up in Playback Devices, and you can’t hear sound from them. It’s frustrating, but don’t worry; you can try the five methods below to resolve the issue. Method 1: Re-pair your bluetooth headphonesMethod 2: Enable the bluetooth headphones manuallyMethod 3: … Read more

How to Resolve Bluetooth Unknown Device Connection Failed Issues

windows 10 bluetooth device unknown device

Your Bluetooth device can’t connect in Windows 10. In Device Manager, you noticed the Bluetooth driver is missing, and an ‘Unknown USB device (Device descriptor request failed)’ is listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers. Don’t worry; you can try the methods below to fix the problem. Method 1: Uninstall the unknown deviceMethod 2: Uninstall the … Read more