Full Review for Driver Booster (Pros & Cons)

Driver Booster is a program that can automatically help you update drivers on your computer. In this post, you’ll learn the pros and cons of Driver Booster. Hopefully you find the information helpful when you’re not sure if you can use it to update drivers or not.


Why do you need a driver updater like Driver Booster?
The pros and cons of Driver Booster
Final verdict

Why do you need a driver updater like Driver Booster?

Driver is a piece of software that allows any hardware/device to communicate with the system. For example, if your keyboard wants to work on Windows, a keyboard driver is required to install on Windows.

On the other hand, if your hardware/device is missing a driver, it won’t work properly, then you need to install a driver manually for the hardware/device.

If you have knowledge about drivers, you can download the drivers from your PC manufacturer or the hardware/device manufacturer’s website manually. Usually, it’s easy to find and download the drivers you need from their website.

To find the right driver for your device, you need to verify your PC model and what Windows version your computer is running. Besides this, you need to know how to identify the latest driver version. If you don’t know much about drivers, you may find the wrong drivers,which can cause problems.

So in this case, it’s recommended you turn to a driver update software like Driver Booster, which not only helps update drivers with just a few clicks, but also prevents you installing incorrect drivers.

I’ve tried many driver update software, and Driver Booster is the one that I can recommend to you. Following I’ll show you the pros and the cons of Driver Booster 8.

The Pros and Cons of Driver Booster


Large driver database

Driver Booster 8 helps detect problem drivers on your computer and update drivers automatically, and it can provide you with over 4,500,000 drivers.

With such a large driver database, you can expect that you can use it to fix any driver issues you may be facing.


Driver Booster 8 provides a low price. You can purchase a 3PCs/Year license key with only $22.95. Comparing the prices that other driver updaters offer, you’ll find the price of Driver Booster is much lower.

In addition, once the key is expired, you can enjoy a 57% discount for the renewal. This can save you money if you’re in need of a renewal.


Features may be the part you care about most. Driver Booster 8 is a powerful driver update software with the features that can help you fix the driver issues efficiently. The features includes but are not limited to, the following:

  • Display the hardware information

Driver Booster 8 collects and displays detailed information about your system. With the software, you can easily check the system information, and the information about graphics card, sound card, network card, and other devices.

  • Backup & restore drivers (available in Driver Booster 8 Pro)

Before you update drivers, you can back up the drivers so you can restore the drivers in case any issue occurs.

  • Fix common problems like sound issues, device errors with just one click

Some sound issues and device errors are not caused by faulty drivers, but they’re common, like faulty sound settings. One of the best features in Driver Booster 8 is to allow you to fix these common errors with just one click.

  • Game boost (available in Driver Booster 8 Pro)

Driver Booster 8 Pro is good for game players with the Game Boost feature. It not only allows you to update game components (like Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Visual C++), but also allows you to stop unnecessary services and apps to release RAM. With this feature, you can play the game with the best performance.

Offline Update is available

The Offline Update feature in Driver Booster 8 is useful for people who can’t connect to the internet due to missing network drivers. It allows you to download and install network drivers easily without network.

Trial version is available

Driver Booster 8 provides a 14-day Trial version and Pro version. You can test the program with the 14-day Trial version, then decide if the Pro version is worth it. This prevents you spending money on a product that you don’t like.

The Trial version allows you to update a driver at a time. If you just want to update one or two drivers, or if you don’t update drivers so often, the Trial version is enough for you.

Interface and use

Driver Booster 8 has a user-friendly interface. You can use it to update drivers quickly and easily even if you’re not computer savvy.

After updating drivers, you can choose to allow it to restart your computer automatically or shut down your computer automatically.

Customer Support

Driver Booster 8 offers free 24*7 Customer Support on demand. The technical support is helpful if you’re having any issues with their product.

Refund policy

As Pro users, you can ask for a full refund with the 60-day money back refund policy. 60-day is long enough for you to test if a program is good or not.

For testing, I tried to contact their customer support for a full refund. Then I got my money back quickly without any reason. The “no reason” is fantastic.


Customer Support

The customer support service is helpful but it can be better. The reply time is a little slow. I tried to send them an email for assistance, then I received the reply after 23 hours.

Trial version is strictly limited

The trial version is strictly limited so you can’t use all features like backup & restore drivers. You can update drivers but only up to two drivers can be updated in one day.

And download speed is slow with the Trial version.


In the software, you can see other software recommended in a tab. They’re always trying to sell you their other products, like Advanced SystemCare, IObit Uninstaller. When the program is running, you’ll get the pop-ups to recommend you to install other programs.

You can choose not to install them, but this is not so user-friendly.

Final verdict

If you want to update drivers easily and quickly, I’ll recommend Driver Booster 8. Compared with other driver update software, it provides more features with a lower price.

More importantly, it can detect problem drivers efficiently with a large driver database. And you can update all drivers with just one click.

Above is the Driver Booster 8 review. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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