Easily Fix Second Monitor Detected But Blank Issue

two monitors

After you connected a second monitor to your computer, you found it detected but no display. What to do to fix the problem? Not to worry. You can fix the problem with the methods below. I’ve included seven methods below to fix the second monitor detected but blank issue. You can try them one by … Read more

How to Check What Processor (CPU) I Have

find out what cpu you have

When we’re saying processor, we mean CPU (Central Processing Unit). It’s the brain of the computer where most calculations take place. In some cases, if you need to find out what processor you have, you can use one of the ways below to find it out. There are four ways for you to check what … Read more

(2021 Fix) Alienware Headphone Jack Not Working

alienware laptop

Recently, many Alienware users have reported they’re having problems with the headphone jack. Whenever they plug headphones to the computer, the sound comes through the speakers instead of the headphones. Since you’re reading this post, you may have the same issue but haven’t solved the issue yet. Not to worry. You can fix it with … Read more

What Sound Card Do I Have? (How to Tell Quickly)

sound card

If you need to check what sound card you have, but you have no idea how to do so, you can follow the steps in this guide. With the step-by-step guide, you can quickly find out your computer sound card. I’ve included three methods below. You can use one of them to find out what … Read more

I Fixed Front Headphone Jack Not Working Issue. Finally!

fix front audio jack not working issue 8

One day my front audio jack suddenly stopped working. After trying several methods, I finally resolved the problem with one of the methods below (see Method 3). But not everyone is in the same situation. It’s recommended you try all methods one by one until the problem is resolved. Five methods are included below to … Read more