Fix Generic USB Hub Driver Issues for Windows 10

generic usb hub missing on device manager

Your USB ports stop working, and you see that Generic USB device not showing on Device Manager. How to get it back? Follow the steps below. There are two methods you can try to fix the Generic USB Hub driver missing issue. Method 1: Reinstall the Generic USB Hub DriverMethod 2: Update the Generic USB … Read more

Second Monitor Edges Cutting Off [Solved]

For some reason, edges on the monitor can be cut off. If you’re experiencing this issue, not to worry. You can fix the issue with one of the methods below. Below are five methods available to fix the problem. You may not have to try them all; just work your way down the list until … Read more

[Fixed] iPhone The Device is Unreachable Error

device unreachable

When you’re importing your iPhone photos to Windows, if you get the error “The device is unreachable.”, you’re not alone. Many users have reported this issue. Read on and follow the instructions to fix the error. When this error occurs, it’s more likely Windows detects the incompatible format of photos in your iPhone device, like … Read more

Dual Monitor Causes Windows Lag [Solved]

second monitor causes lag

Can dual monitors cause Windows lag issues? Yes. Because the system needs to process more stuff when a second monitor is connected. How to fix this problem? Just use one of the two methods below. There are two effective methods to fix this problem. Method 1: Set two monitors to the same color depthMethod 2: … Read more