Perform an In-Place Upgrade with Windows 10 (Quickly & Easily)

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An in-place upgrade can fix some Windows problems by overwriting system files. It can be the last solution for many technical problems such as some Windows Update problems, start button not working issues. Your installed programs, personal files and data and some important settings won’t lose after an in-place upgrade. Since it’s so helpful, you … Read more

How to Disable Automatic Driver Installation on Windows 10

Windows 10 can automatically download and install drivers for some devices via Windows Update, say graphics cards. It’s good that Windows helps you update drivers automatically. But sometimes it can cause issues. If you don’t want Windows 10 to install drivers automatically, you can use one of the three methods to disable automatic driver updates. … Read more

How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Windows 10 automatic updates can cause us unexpected problems. You might have an experience similar to mine. A few days ago, I woke up in the morning and found my computer network was disconnected. The problem was caused by a new Windows auto update. So to prevent Windows automatic updates causing computer problems again, we … Read more