Steam Won’t Go Online? Here’s How to Fix It.

Sometimes, Steam may not go online. If you’re experiencing this issue, not to worry. In this post, we’ll discuss what causes Steam to not go online and how to fix the problem. Why won’t Steam go online? Steam not going online can be due to different reasons. Following are some of the most common reasons. … Read more

Steam Stuck on Patching? Try These Fixes.

how to fix steam stuck on patching

When you update a game on Steam, the process could take some time. But if Steam is stuck on patching like forever, it may indicate a problem. If you suspect that something is wrong, you can try the methods below which may help fix the Steam stuck on patching problem. Before you move on to … Read more

How to Fix Genshin Impact Audio Cutting Out Issues

When you’re playing Genshin Impact, if the audio keeps cutting out, you’ll have a bad game experience. The worst thing could be that the game is not playable. Fortunately, you may be able to fix the problem by following the steps below. To fix the Genshin Impact audio cutting out issue, you can try the … Read more

Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory? Here’s the Fix.

fix minecraft has run out of memory error

You can’t play Minecraft due to the “Out of memory” error. That can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are possible solutions to fix this error. Read on then you’ll learn the solutions. Try below methods and see if you find one that works for you: Method 1: Reboot your computerMethod 2: Update JavaMethod 3: Lower Render … Read more

Fix Minecraft Lag Spikes [6 Methods]

Lag spikes in Minecraft can freeze up the game and make the game difficult to play. If you see lag spikes when playing the game, you must be very frustrated. Fortunately, the lag spike issue can be fixed. Read on to learn the possible fixes. To fix Minecraft lag spikes, you can try these methods: … Read more

How to Get More FPS in Valorant

High FPS (frames per second) can make you play Valorant smoothly. Low FPS can cause lag and stutter in Valorant. Even worse, it can make the game unplayable. Fortunately, there are some workarounds reported to help get more FPS in Valorant. Below, I’ll list these workarounds. You can try them all and see if you … Read more

New World Won’t Launch? Try these fixes.

New World won’t launch through Steam? That can be frustrating especially if you’ve tried multiple times but with no luck. Fortunately, there’re possible solutions to fix the New World not launching issue. The issue can be due to possible reasons, for example, corrupted game files. There are multiple methods that you can try to fix … Read more

How to Fix Minecraft Memory Leak Issues

The Minecraft memory leak issue can cause the game to crash and even the computer and other programs to crash. If you’re experiencing this annoying issue, don’t worry. To fix the issue, you can try the methods below: Method 1: Restart your computerMethod 2: Reinstall JavaMethod 3: Change the priority level for Minecraft launcherMethod 4: … Read more