Steam Game Stuck on Validating? Here’s How to Fix It.

fix steam game stuck on validating

The validating process in Steam is necessary because it will check if your game files are corrupted or missing. If it finds a missing/corrupted file, it will download and replace the file automatically. But sometimes it can cause issues, for example, the validating stuck issues. When you launch a game, if it is stuck on … Read more

Skyrim Crashes on Startup? Here’s How to Fix It.

Skyrim crashes on startup on the Bethesda logo

Whenever you try to launch Skyrim from SKSE or the Steam client, the game crashes immediately on the Bethesda logo. You’re not the only one who is experiencing this issue. Many Skyrim users have reported this issue as well. The four methods below have been reported by Skyrim users that resolved their problem. You can … Read more

Oblivion Crashes on Startup? Here’s how to fix it.

how to fix oblivion crashing on startup issues

Whenever you try to launch The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the game crashes on the startup and you can’t even get to the main screen. That can be frustrating. Not to worry. You can fix the problem with one of the methods below. You can try the seven methods below one by one until you … Read more

How to Fix “OpenGL Error 1282 (Invalid Operation)”

minecraft opengl error 1282 invalid operation

The “OpenGL Error 1282 (Invalid operation)” issue is one of the common issues occurring in Minecraft. When this error occurs, you may experience lag issues or error message pop-ups. It’s annoying. But not to worry. You can fix the error with the following methods. There are seven methods available for you to fix the issue. … Read more

How to Fix WOW “You have been disconnected” Issue

you have been disconnected wow

When logging into World of Warcraft, you keep disconnecting with the error message “You have been disconnected”. Not to worry. Read on to find the solutions below. Try these solutions Solution 1: Temporarily uninstall any security programsSolution 2: Reset your network devicesSolution 3: Flush DNS and release IP addressSolution 4: Edit the configuration fileSolution 5: … Read more

Reducing Overwatch Input Lag. Easily & Quickly!

When we’re talking input lag, it means the time between the moment the input was made (by mouse/keyboard, etc.), and what is seen on the monitor screen. For Overwatch, a good input lag should be under 10ms. If the input lag is above 10ms, it can cause you a poor gaming experience. If you’re experiencing … Read more