[Solved] Failed to Load OnlineFix64.dll. Error Code: 126

how to fix failed to load onlinefix64.dll

Whenever you try to launch a game, you encounter the error ‘Failed to load OnlineFix64.dll from the list. Error code: 126’. That can be frustrating. But don’t worry. In this post, we’ll walk you through the possible solutions that can fix this error. To fix the ‘Failed to load OnlineFix64.dll’ error, you can try these … Read more

[Solved] Audio Device Not Showing in Device Manager

When your audio device doesn’t show in Device Manager, you probably have a sound issue, for example, you can’t hear sound from the computer. That can be frustrating. But don’t worry. To get your audio device back in the Device Manager, you can try the methods below. Method 1: Run Windows Audio TroubleshooterMethod 2: Check … Read more

How to Fix Dead Space Remake DirectX Error

how to fix dead space directx error

Dead Space Remake crashed with the DirectX error? That must be frustrating. Don’t worry. To fix the error, you can try the methods below. Try these methods one by one: Method 1: Reinstall Graphics DriverMethod 2: Roll Back Graphics DriverMethod 3: Repair the Game FilesMethod 4: Reinstall the Game Method 1: Reinstall Graphics Driver The … Read more

[Solved] Apex Legends Audio Cutting Out

While you’re playing Apex Legends, the audio keeps cutting out. That can be annoying and frustrating. Don’t worry. In this post, we’ll introduce you the possible solutions to fix this issue. Just try the methods below. Method 1: Restart the GameMethod 2: Repair Game FilesMethod 3: Disable ShadowplayMethod 4: Restore Sound Sample Rate SettingsMethod 5: … Read more

[Solved] Nvidia Unable to Change Display Mode

nvidia unable to change display mode

Whenever you launch a game, you receive an error message saying ‘Unable to change display mode’. You can’t even play the game because of this error message. That can be frustrating. What to do to fix this annoying error? Don’t worry. Try the four methods below then the error may be fixed. Method 1: Close … Read more