Fix Valorant No Sound Issues [5 Easy Methods]

You can’t hear sound when playing Valorant. That can be frustrating as listening in Valorant is just as important as using your eyes. But don’t worry. The issue can be fixed. To fix Valorant audio not working issues, you can try the methods in this post. Try the five methods below one by one then … Read more

How to Fix “Failed to load the launcher.DLL” Error

failed to load the launcher.dll

When you try to launch your favorite game from Steam on Windows 10 or 11, you run into the launcher error: “Failed to load the launcher DLL: The specified module could not be found.” Not to worry. You’ll learn how to fix the error below with the step-by-step guide. There are five possible solutions you … Read more

How to Download Minecraft Launcher.dll File

Minecraft launcher.dll file missing or not found? To download and install the Minecraft launcher.dll file, you can use one of the two methods below. Method 1: Download and install launcher.dll by reinstalling MinecraftMethod 2: Download and install launcher.dll using Client Method 1: Download and install launcher.dll by reinstalling Minecraft The launcher.dll is installed along … Read more