How to Install Driver for Multimedia Audio Controller

multimedia audio controller

You can’t hear the sound from your computer, and in the Device Manager under “Other devices”, you see an exclamation mark over a yellow triangle on “Multimedia Audio Controller”. What does this mean? The yellow triangle mark means the driver is not installed. It appears your sound computer not working issue is caused by missing … Read more

[SOLVED] Enhancements Tab Missing On Windows 10. Easily!

enhancements tab missing

You see Enhancements tab missing from both Speakers and Microphone Properties, but have no idea how to fix it. Hopefully you find the methods to fix this problem helpful. There are three methods below for you to try. You can try them one by one: Method 1: Run audio troubleshooterMethod 2: Reinstall the audio driverMethod … Read more

Razer Kraken Mic Stops Working? Try these methods.


After you plug your Razer Kraken mic to your computer, if it doesn’t work, not to worry. You can make it work again with one of the following methods. There are five methods available below for you to fix the problem. You can try them one by one until the problem resolves. Method 1: Troubleshoot … Read more

Fix Realtek Digital Output No Sound Issue. Easily!

When you use Realtek Digital Output as default output device, you find that you can’t hear sound from your computer. What to do to fix the problem? Read on to learn the possible solutions. There are three possible solutions below to fix the Realtek Digital Output no sound error. Try them one by one and … Read more

[Solved] 0x80070005 Windows Audio Service Access Denied

windows audio service access is denied

Recently, some Windows 10 users have reported the Windows Audio service access denied error. If you’re also experiencing this issue, not to worry. You can fix it easily with one of the methods below. The full error message is: Windows could not start the Windows Audio service on Local Computer.Error 0x80070005: Access is denied. To … Read more

How to Download and Install Waves MaxxAudio Pro Application

waves maxxaudio pro

Waves MaxxAudio Pro usually is preinstalled on some computers, such as Dell computers. However, it can be deleted accidentally, for example, after Windows Update. If you find it missing on your computer, not to worry. You can download and install it easily with the steps below. For the computers with MaxxAudio Pro built in, the … Read more

Fix Alienware Headphone Jack Not Working [Six Methods]

alienware laptop

Recently, many Alienware users have reported they’re having problems with the headphone jack. Whenever they plug headphones to the computer, the sound comes through the speakers instead of the headphones. Since you’re reading this post, you may have the same issue but haven’t solved the issue yet. Not to worry. To fix the issue, you … Read more

“Which device did you plug in” Keeps Popping Up

which device did you plug in

Whenever you plug your headphones or microphones to your computer, you get a ‘Which device did you plug in?’ prompt, it could be annoying, right? Not to worry. You can easily disable it in Windows 10 with the methods below. Method 1: Uncheck Show pop-up dialog when device is connected in Waves MaxxAudio Pro ApplicationMethod … Read more